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Survivor Stories

A Heart of Gold


Gerry Bram, is a dramatic example of how AEDs save lives. The former Philadelphia public league and college football referee was officiating a game at Syracuse University on September 29, 2001 when he collapsed and his heart stopped beating. Fortunately, the University had acquired a defibrillator two months earlier. Bram was resuscitated on the field immediately, taken to a hospital, and avoided any permanent damage from his attack. He now has a miniature AED implanted in his heart.

Gerry Bram's Lifesaving Story

At their first Annual Memorial Golf Outing on October 3, 2005, Toni Pellegrini and Lorraine Sikora presented Savino Foundation Board Member Gerry Bram with the Heart of Gold award. Gerry worked tirelessly to secure many golf outing sponsors, golfers and hundreds of dollars in prizes for the event.

The Savino Foundation is honored that Gerry Bram is a member of their Board of Directors. He serves as a powerful reminder that AEDs do save lives and that tragedy does not have to follow a sudden cardiac arrest event.




The Savino Foundation continuously tracks news stories to determine if Automated External Defibrillators were successfully used to save a life. The following news stories have been located. They truly demonstrate that AEDs, if they are nearby and deployed can mean the difference between life and death. If you learn about an AED Save, please contact us at and provide the news link to the story.

















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